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Novel Approaches and Applications of Single Cell Dispensing in Cell Line Development
10am EST / 3pm GMT / 4pm CET

Demonstrating monoclonality and maintaining cell viability in cell line development is gaining more and more attention by regulatory authorities. Additionally, the prevention of cross-contamination is necessary for successfully generating a high number of clones. This session illustrates the new x.sight series for automatically isolating single cells. The instruments can be used for all common cell types including bacteria addressing microbiome applications. The technology is tailor-made for cell line development and helps you to meet your requirements, especially achieving a very high rate of clonal recovery. In 2018, the majority of top ten pharma companies used cytena’s single-cell dispensing technology to ensure fast antibody development.

Session agenda includes:

  • New technology for isolating single cells including bacteria
  • Working principle
  • How to ensure clonality
  • How to improve efficiency and clonal recovery in cell line development
  • How to prevent cross contamination
  • Isolation and cultivation of anaerobic gut bacteria from mixed samples
  • Customer performance data
  • Conclusions


Julian Riba
cytena GmbH