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13th July, 2022 

CFO Leadership – Driving the Course of Business Action with Strategic Insights

 In this webcast, hear from a seasoned Life Science CFO on lessons in leadership, business transformation and current market opportunities to drive the organization forward.

  • The evolving role of the emerging pharma CFO and outsourcing the external stakeholder engagement
  • People and talent strategy and current market changes
  • Endeavoring transformational leadership within Finance
  • Identifying opportunities in the current market to drive the business forward
  • Architecting a vision and roadmap for the organization
  • Communicating effectively with internal and external stakeholders


Patrick Coyle
Strategic Advisor to the Pharmaceutical Industry; former Vice President & CFO
Eisai US

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How To Enable Scalable Business Growth and Enhance Vendor Relationships
11 AM EDT  

  For fast-growing biotech firms, manual accounts payable processes take valuable time away from building the business, hiring new staff, and other more strategic initiatives. From capturing, coding and approving invoices, to cutting checks and initiating ACH and wire transfers, manually managing AP simply takes too long and requires too much data entry. Worse, this process is a hindrance to maintaining positive relationships with vital vendors. In this presentation, we’ll share how automating Accounts Payable can help biotech firms unlock the efficiency, visibility, and control needed to scale their businesses while strengthening their vendor relationships. Discover how Forge Biologics has created a seamless, end-to-end AP process to ensure suppliers are paid on time, every time–and that the AP team can support growing invoice volumes without adding headcount.


Elizabeth Kowal
Chief Operating Officer
MineralTree, Inc.  

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