DAY 1 : Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Low Budget, High Impact 

Even before COVID-19, all insights leaders were faced with the challenge of delivering high impact insights on a low budget. The pandemic has heighted this need for speed vs. cost even more. We’ll dive deep into what client side market researchers are doing with their internal teams to deliver on time and under budget, as well as hearing from solution providers on tools for success.

Part 1
12:00-1:30PM EST

DIY Research for Brand Growth: how to make the best of your limitations (budget, time, or headcount) to increase efficiency, create cost savings, and work in harmony with traditional market research
12:00pm EST

For much of the last decade the produce department within grocery (food & beverage) has been experiencing strong growth from the halo effect of the consumer “shop the perimeter” messaging. But the perimeter and more specifically the produce department is a small fish in a big (grocery) pond.

Meet Litehouse. Litehouse is an established, incumbent and challenger brand all in one. Litehouse was started more than 50 years ago by two brothers looking to offset their restaurant business in the tourist area of North Idaho. The brothers started to bottle the much loved blue cheese salad dressing and sell it to customers. Fast forward a couple of decades as we highlight how Litehouse grew by identifying unmet consumer needs; specifically Litehouse made organic salad dressing in the 90s before it was cool to care about health. Litehouse was also instrumental in driving the category to grow through innovative packaging, elevated retail buyer storytelling and updated consumer marketing. Today Litehouse is the #1 refrigerated salad dressing in North America. Refrigerated salad dressing is found in the produce department, not intuitively where consumers always look to find salad dressing. Join me on this voyage to understand how Litehouse has overcome several challenges to become a big fish in a small pond. Big, established, and well-known brands often have lots of resources at their disposal, but if you’re not one of those brands, not all is lost. Whether managing a small or large brand, the fundamentals of growth are similar—start by understanding the lay of the land (and sea); start by understanding the consumer through the use of point of sale and panel data, as well as macro trends


Ashley Kocak
Market Research Manager
Litehouse, Inc

Next-Generation Research: AI Consumer Insight
12:30pm EST

A deep understanding of your consumer’s profile is crucial to support product developments, marketing communications, and brand innovations. While automation has (and continues to) make it quick and easy to access quality insights, innovations in AI are beginning to emerge to support consumer research in new and exciting ways. In this session, quantilope will introduce its new Personality AI method to help brands determine specific personality traits of their consumers using just one question. Presented through the lens of an auto industry case study, viewers will leave with an understanding of how the AI personality method works, which personality traits are most important for brands to identify, and how they can turn the results into actionable insights.

Dr. Jannik Meyners
Head of Science

Cost-Effective DIY Research Tools for Agile Consumer Feedback, Concept and Ad Testing
1:00pm EST

As consumers continue to change the way they engage with brands and use products/services, marketers and agencies must experiment more – testing, learning and adapting faster as they race to make consumer-centric, data-driven decisions. In this session, we’ll show how you can use Kantar Marketplace to conduct agile research across the full product innovation lifecycle, from initial consumer feedback to concept and ad creative testing.

Alan Wheeler
Innovation Business Partner

Tiffany Lever
Head of Client Success for Kantar Marketplace NA

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Part 2
2:00-3:30PM EST

DIY Research Hacks: how to make the best of your limitations (budget, time, or headcount) to increase efficiency, create cost savings, and work in harmony with traditional market research
2:00pm EST

Being consumer centric is a HUGE and relevant business challenge. What makes it exciting is that anyone can overcome it. I was able to make connection with DIYers in the home improvement space more accessible and affordable by implementing a number of habits and simple tools on a consistent cadence. Behr, a company that has been around since the 40’s in a fairly mature industry, paint, manages to connect with end users on a weekly basis. From quick online surveys, demo booths, 1 on 1 phone and Skype chats, reaching out to a panel of students in the industry, in person “micro-ethnographies”, to quick product tests with everyday DIYers. We have helped all parts of our organization come closer to our end user through lean research methods and tools. It’s not easy DIYing your home and we try our best to address our end user’s pain points.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sometimes you have to do the best with a limited budget, time, or headcount. These research hacks could make you more efficient, create cost savings, and still provide quality insights.
  • You can replicate our strategy on how to implement DIY/lean research at your company. It can complement and work in harmony with larger traditional market research efforts - not replace it.
  • Alleviating push-back. I’ll share some obstacles we overcame in our exploration of DIY/lean research and you could avoid the same.


Shrutee Gondha
Innovation Manager

How Pricing Can Make or Break Your NPD Launch
2:30pm EST

Whether you are adding to an existing line or launching in an entirely new category, pricing plays a major role in your product’s success. This webinar will examine the different pricing requirements for new product development; revenue, profitability, and market volume performance after the launch.

We will also answer general pricing questions, covering the following topics:

  • Selecting new product pricing that maximizes revenue
  • Avoiding product cannibalization
  • Differences in price sensitivity by SKU/brand
  • Price barriers, including budget and psychological pricing constraints
  • Differences in behavior by type of consumer (users vs. considerers)

Nicole Teh
Director of Strategic Partnerships 

Kirill Zaitsev
Market Researcher

Sponsored Session TBD
3:00pm EST

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DAY 2 : Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Engaging Data

When the average person hears the word “data,” they think boring. Those who work in market research know for a fact that this is not the case. We’ll discuss how to challenge traditional data concepts, use breakthrough data for innovations, capture niche and otherwise non-responsive consumers, and create storytelling tools to transform presentations into memorable experiences.

Part 1
12:00-1:30PM EST

Engaging a Panel of a Niche and Otherwise Non-Responsive Consumer
12:00pm EST

Recruiting and retaining a panel from a market of a niche market of consumers can be challenging. Nivriti will share some of the creative tactics and key learnings she employed to create and manage her panel of an International audience within the US, and get a 77% response rate. In the session, we'll delve into: testing new tactics, personalization, selling the value of a panel, and proper usage.


Nivriti Ingram
Manager of Consumer Insights
Sling and Dish International

Never Miss an Insight: a behind-the-scenes look at AI & Automation in DIY Market Research
12:30pm EST

These days, DIY market research doesn’t mean you have to do everything yourself. Of course DIY tools and technology have paved the way for market research to become faster, cheaper, and easier to do online. But the next wave of market research solutions are injecting a deeper level of sophistication leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation to go beyond fast/cheap/easy to better, higher quality insights

In this session, you’ll come away with:

  • How to use AI to your advantage - to get deeper insights and build a more agile research program
  • An understanding of how AI and automation are used in the SurveyMonkey platform to help you
    1. design better questionnaires that take the respondent experience and ease of analysis into consideration,
    2. reach the right audience in minutes, and
    3. surface insights you may have otherwise missed.
  • A demo showcasing how you can start getting higher quality insights with the click of a button

Morgan Molnar
Director of Product Marketing

Joe Clark
Market Research Solutions Consultant

NextGen Insights Platforms are Challenging the Traditional Concept of DIY and Enabling Breakthrough Innovations
1:00pm EST

What DIY meant 5 years ago, is very different from what it means today. With smarter technologies and increasing automation, the "Yourself" in DIY is decreasing, and technology is doing more and more for us. This talk will discuss how nextgen research technology platforms are empowering insights leaders to scale their research operations and increase their business impact. The presentation will share examples of how the most iconic and innovative companies are utilizing DIY automation to gain competitive advantages

Naira Musallam PhD

Tim Lawton

Proceed with Caution: DIY Pitfalls and Watch-Outs
1:15pm EST

Corporate researchers are stretched pretty thin these days, bringing more tasks in house without any increase in resources. At the same time, the list of research priorities isn’t getting any shorter, and management still wants those “insight nuggets.” With all the DIY research tools available, you may be excited about diving right in and Doing it Yourself. But beware! New tools can seem so easy that it’s also easy to forget the research fundamentals. In this session, we’ll discuss three potential DIY pitfalls and ways to make the most of the tools you have.

Erin Weinland
Weave Insights

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Part 2
2:00-3:30PM EST

Data Storytelling – How to use Storytelling Elements to Produce more Memorable Research Presentations
2:00pm EST

What makes a data story powerful and memorable?

HOW you tell data stories makes the difference between raw data and wisdom.

This presentation reflects on how to use storytelling techniques such as suspense, provocation and relatability to turn your data points into real insights and your presentation into a memorable story

Renata Policicio
Vice President, Research & Insights

Sponsored Session TBD
2:30pm EST

Sponsored Session TBD
3:00pm EST

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DAY 3 : Thursday, December 3, 2020

Research Methodologies for Success

DIY market research can be extremely successful when one applies multiple research methods. However, teams often find it challenging to get creative with MR. We’ll delve into strategies for diversifying research methodologies and creating impact across the business.

Part 1
12:00-1:00PM EST

PANEL- Diversifying Research Methodologies: How your Market Research Strategies Create Impact across the Business
12:00pm EST

Katelyn Ferrara
Head of Client Development

Jess Solomon
Senior Consumer Insights Analyst

Shilpi Sinha
former Experience Design Lead

Dominic Jones
Director, Global Marketing Consumer Insights

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