Day 1: Now Available On Demand

The Impact of AI on Drug Discovery & Development
2:00PM Eastern

The worlds of healthcare and software are becoming increasingly interwoven as the computational power and sophisticated algorithms that have driven the success of many high-tech companies are integrated into the long, complex process of developing new treatments for human disease. But even as pharma companies and biotechs place big bets on artificial intelligence technologies for drug discovery and development, it’s unclear exactly how and when AI tools will advance beyond the narrow applications that have gained traction thus far---and whether they'll achieve the transformative effect some in the life sciences industry envision. Join Xconomy for a one-hour webinar featuring experts in life sciences and venture investing, who will help cut through the noise and explain the real opportunities and limitations of AI for biopharma businesses, highlight startups and large enterprises making progress, and unpack the key questions that will determine the impact and timeline of this emerging field.


Jessica Zeaske
Echo Health Ventures

Tariq Kassum
Celsius Therapeutics

Day 2: Now Available On Demand

IBM Watson Health: Data and Evidence in oncology
2:00PM Eastern

IBM Watson Health is a leader in combining data, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to create solutions that empower clinicians with actionable insights that can help them improve health and healthcare delivery. With IBM’s long history of leading with science, we are proud to present a set of scientific studies that support the performance and impact of Watson solutions in the field of oncology and genomics.


Dr. Jennifer Payne
Hematologist/Oncologist and Associate Chief Medical Officer
IBM Watson Health

Dr. Mehool Patel
Oncologist and Associate Chief Medical Officer
IBM Watson Health

Dr. Jeffrey T. Lenert
Surgical Oncologist and Associate Chief Medical Officer
IBM Watson Health

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