Can A Digital Pill Improve Clinical Trials in This Pandemic and Beyond?
Strategies to Enable Remote Ingestion Monitoring, Patient Retention, and Quality Data
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COVID-19 has resulted in suspensions of an unprecedented number of clinical trials. Remote trials can be enabled with digital technologies that provide assurance with real-time adherence monitoring and high-quality, real-world medication-taking data. Learn how these technologies have been used in trials to date and how they can address risks to the success of trials that are associated with poor adherence, distracted participants (or suboptimal participant engagement) and inaccurate adherence reporting.

About etectRx, Inc.
etectRx is a privately-held digital health company seeking to advance patient medication adherence and improve ingestion tracking technology. The company’s flagship product, the ID-Cap™ System, is an ingestible event marker comprised of a gelatin capsule containing an ingestible sensor that transmits signals to a wearable reader, which sends the data to a smartphone-based app and secure cloud-based server to enable reliable tracking of ingestion events. The company’s proprietary eBurst™ technology powers the ID-Cap™ System and offers an industry-leading platform for the reliable transport of messages to and from sensors located in the body. To learn more about etectRx, visit


Scott Ballenger
Locksmith Advisors

Peter R Chai MD MMS
Division of Medical Toxicology | Department of Emergency Medicine | Brigham and Women’s Hospital Department of Psychosocial Oncology and Palliative Care | Dana Farber Cancer Institute Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine | Harvard Medical School Affiliate Research Scholar | The Koch Institute for Integrated Cancer Research | Massachusetts Institute of Technology Adjunct Faculty | The Fenway Institute

Susan Baumgertner, PharmD, MBA
Vice President, Product Management & Regulatory Affairs etectRx, Inc.

Stefanie Kuhner
Global Director - Clinical Technology & Patient Recruitment
Bristol Myers Squibb