ATI Digital Day January

January 27, 2022

Session # 1
12pm EST

I Am What I Watch; How Premium Content Defines Today’s Consumers
12pm EST

Our social media selves started out as an expression of our identity but has become so curated that the ability to target, understand and connect with consumers through social channels may be overextended. Marred by societal pressures and caged under FOMO, YOLO, LB/FB, and squad goals, we are not only judged by what we choose to post, but also what we don’t post.

With social media blurring lines between our real and curated self, is there a more authentic digital portrait of our identities? Our I Am What I Watch study explores this concept of identity evolved and the interplay with the premium content we consume, as an unfiltered gateway to a deeper and more authentic representation of self. Our media consumption habits and streaming watch histories formulate another dimension of who we are and serves as a portal to a truer identity.

Please join Linh Mata from WarnerMedia and Edwin Wong of Vox Media as they walk through how premium video content provides an unfiltered view and clearer signal into our interests and proclivities.


Edwin Wong
SVP, Insights & Innovation

Linh Mata
VP, Digital Platforms, Strategy & Global Social Intelligence

The Future Of At-Home Eating
12:30pm EST

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, eating at home has become more important— and this shift appears to be sticky. Grocery categories commonly used for at-home meals continue to enjoy an elevated share of shopper spend. At the same time, snacking is becoming increasingly important, stealing eating occasions from formal meals.

You’ll learn:

  • How consumption occasions have shifted throughout the pandemic
  • Who WFH shoppers are, and how brands and retailers can engage them
  • How consumers expect their cooking and meal prep habits to change
  • The brands and categories that are winning today’s at-home meal & snack occasions


Jaron Campbell
Financial Services Analyst

Rebecca Reicherter
Consumer Insights Consultant

Inclusivity and Accessibility in Research: How to Engage People with Disabilities in Your Research
1:00pm EST

People with disabilities are often excluded from research studies even though 26% of the U.S. population and 15% of the world population have a disability that impacts their daily activities -- disabilities ranging from auditory to visual and cognitive to physical.

Join UX Researcher Farrah Brensinger as she shares her insights into best practices for inclusivity and accessibility in research studies. Having studied the deaf community and culture and worked with organizations that focus on accessibility for people with disabilities, Farrah is keenly aware of the need to tailor research studies for optimal inclusivity. In this webinar, you will learn the benefits of adopting inclusive research practices as well as how to include people with disabilities in the research process, from planning and recruitment to instrument design and from conducting research to presenting it.

Farrah Brensinger
UX Researcher
Fluent Research

Session # 2
2:00pm EST

Post-Pandemic People: Consumer Trends Accelerating in the Post-Pandemic World
2:00pm EST

Eastman is a global, specialty materials company committed to improving the lives of people around the world in a material way. Understanding global consumer behavior across multiple markets such as automotive, building & construction, cosmetics, fashion, food & beverage, etc. has given Eastman a unique perspective into the global, cross-industry consumer trends that will accelerate in the post-pandemic world. Learn which top four consumer-driven trends his research uncovered that will transform industries around the world.


Justin Coates
Global Consumer Insights & Research Team Leader

Brand Health Tracking: How to make your tracker actionable
2:30pm EST

Brand Health Tracking is one of the most used and fundamental methodologies used by marketing and insights teams. It informs how companies position their products, what products to sell, and can even change the entire value set of a business. In this session, we’ll be sharing a new way that Fuel Cycle is changing how brand trackers work in organizations from an annual project to a monthly system of action.


Giannina Wright
Solutions Associate
Fuel Cycle

Karen Barnes
Solutions Engineer Manager
Fuel Cycle

How are you measuring the impact or ROI of the marketing effectiveness programs?
3:00pm EST

How do you get the right balance between brand building and performance marketing?

Kantar identifies the impact of marketing communications in the short term and long term across all the media channels, delivering recommendations on how to make your marketing spend more effective and efficient.

Understanding both short vs. long-term impacts is key to assess the brand’s overall marketing effectiveness and to quantify which levers drive immediate sales and which build long-term equity and organic growth – and ultimately, properly optimize the marketing mix allocation to generate sustainable growth.

Delivered on Athena, Kantar’s globally scalable, “always on” marketing effectiveness platform enables smarter and faster marketing decisions.

Want to learn more—Join Kantar to learn more on how you can drive sales growth today and create demand for tomorrow during our session hosted by Alfredo Troncoso.


Alfredo Troncoso
Vice President, Global Brand & Marketing ROI

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January 27, 2022