Navigate complexities posed by the global pandemic, stay current on emerging risks, and plan for the future organization.

Hear from seasoned finance leaders in life sciences and gain expert insight on critical risk areas including U.S. IPO planning, cybersecurity, data privacy, and fraud detection applications in finance and accounting. In an uncertain environment, experience counts for everything.

This 2-day series of live webcasts provides life sciences industry-specific content, along with downloadable resources.

DAY 1 – 9th NOVEMBER 2020    

New Strategies for Finance to Evolve; How to Leverage Technological Disruption and Optimize for New Talent Requirements
2pm GMT / 3pm CET / 9am EST

During this discussion, hear from thought leaders on what they think is important when integrating people and systems.

  • Examine how to strategically leverage the continuing technological disruption and enable new opportunities for finance to evolve
  • Elaborate on the skills sets needed for the future in the finance operation
  • How do we transform the finance function through people and technology to meet the new needs and skills sets


Brian Keogh
Finance Director
Biomarin International Ltd.

Wenzel von der Heydte
Vice President, Finance
Auregen Biotherapeutics SA

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Adapting to a New Normal – Explore Business Continuity and Planning for the Future Post COVID-19
3pm GMT / 4pm CST / 10am EST

The COVID-19 outbreak has disrupted every industry and created uncertainties in financial markets, sending a shockwave through the global economy. The life sciences and healthcare sectors are in a unique position, with many companies pivoting to help in the fight against the virus. During this expert panel discussion, examine what’s next and what does a post-pandemic world look like for life sciences.

  • How and where will changes in the public and private capital available to companies affect wider industry M&A activity?
  • Have life sciences/biotechnology partnering strategies changed for the long-term?
  • How has “going digital” impacted organisations when it comes to payroll, team development, supply chain and finance practices?
  • How are companies positioning themselves to come out stronger?
  • What has been the impact on investment strategies and investor appetite in the short and medium term?


Paul Carpenter
Former Director of Finance and Business Operations

Dr. Sanat Jeetun
Director, Finance
CSL Behring

Laurence Blazianu
Chief Financial Officer

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U.S. IPO Planning and SEC Reporting Playbook
4pm GMT / 5pm CST / 11am EST

  • Study and discuss the anatomy of an IPO
  • Key considerations when determining and defining an IPO strategy
  • How to identify resource/talent needs to become a public company
  • Address financial statement issues, including key accounting standards and audit readiness


Keith Ouellette

Michael Cunniffe
Lead of Finance
ATAI Life Sciences AG

Piers Morgan
Chief Finance Officer
Compass Pathways

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DAY 2 – 10th NOVEMBER 2020   

What Every Finance Professional Needs to Know About Cybersecurity, Data Privacy and Fraud Detection 
2pm GMT / 3pm CST / 9am EST

  • Discuss GDPR and how this regulation has started a trend for other data protection policies around the world
  • Identify strategies to reduce risks, prepare for data breaches and gain confidence in data security
  • Discover the benefits of a thorough cybersecurity defense system and maintain a secure environment
  • Review massive risks impacting this sector and what data may be in danger of being exposed


Eva Osterman
Chief Financial Officer

Daniel Shafrir

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The CFO: Evolving Landscape; Evolving Role
4pm GMT / 5pm CET / 11am EST

Demands on CFOs are changing; the pandemic, cyber threats and other emerging risks. How must the role transform to drive the C-suite agenda, lead substantive change, achieve short term performance and build long term value?

  • How do CFOs harness the increasing responsibilities and traditional finance expertise to drive the C-suite agenda and lead substantive change?
  • How can CFOs shift the focus toward building long-term value while still achieving the short-term performance goals for the board and investors?
  • What has changed in the last 3-5 years in the role of the CFO and what does the next 3-5 years look like?
  • What does it mean for the qualifications and skillset of the CFO


Matthias Weber
Chief Finance Officer
Sandoz Germany

Wenzel von der Heydte
Vice President, Finance
Auregen Biotherapeutics SA

Mary Sheahan
Chief Financial Officer
Avillion LLP

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Revolutionise the Finance Function using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
5pm GMT / 6pm CET / 12pm EST

  • What is RPA - myths and realities
  • From RPA to IAP (Integrated Automation Platform)
  • Automation-as-a-service (AAAS)
  • How AI is augmenting decision-making for finance departments and expanding their role
  • Case studies on real world applications of:
    • Intelligent document processing (IDP)
    • RPA
    • AI to provide tailored forecasting
    • ERP implementations
  • How can CFOs ensure their teams have the skillsets they need to provide modern business intelligence?


Armand Angeli
Chairman, RPA and AI Committee

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DAY 1 – 9th NOVEMBER 2020   

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