Join us November 3-5, 2020 for New Ag International China & Europe Digital Exchange, a global 3-day series of live educational webcasts and downloadable resources providing the latest insights for ground breaking biological technology and application in crop nutrition and protection, advanced manufacturing process for specialty fertilizer, the business opportunities with Chinese suppliers of specialty fertilizer and biological products. To learn about sponsorship of future events, contact .

DAY 1 – TUESDAY, November 3, 2020

Learning, Success, Challenge & Opportunity: Exchanging Ideas from China and Europe

PANEL: Leaders from China & Europe Talk Openly About How to Handle the Challenges Caused by COVID19
2pm BST / 3pm CEST / 9am EST

  • Success stories, how did we manage?
  • What do we do next to prepare for 2021 and beyond?
  • Learning from leaders in China


Manel Cervera
Managing Partner
Dunham Trimmer

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A Focus from Europe: The European Landscape for Agri-Inputs
3pm BST / 4pm CEST / 10am EST

  • The supply chain in Europe for Agri-inputs and agri-business overview
  • Moving forward during COVID19 and into 2021
  • What can be learnt from how European companies are managing during COVID19
  • Status in Europe now, the economic impact and supply chains – what has the impact on COVID19 been?


Dimitrios Drisi
Industry Expert in Agribusiness
Board Member for various agri organisations including the Romanian Crop Protection Industry Association, Romania

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DAY 2 – WEDNESDAY, November 4, 2020

Trends and Scientific Innovations in the Chinese Agri-input Industry

The Analysis on Current Status and Development Trend of China's Agri-input Industry
2pm BST / 3pm CEST / 9am EST

China Agricultural Means of Production Association is the national association in agri-input industry in China, gathering the member companies from agri-input suppliers and distributors. The speech introduces China agri-input(agrochemical and fertilizer) market scale and performance, main players, supply & demand in the industry, and also the challenges that the whole industry is facing. Meanwhile, the speech concludes the new challenges and changes caused by COVID-19, and analyse the market trend in this “new normal” economy.


Ms. Wang Xiaoxue
Market Analyst
China Agricultural Means of Production Association

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Research and analysis on the difference of functions of different protein hydrolysates (polypeptides)
3pm BST / 4pm CEST / 10am EST

As the first messenger, the polypeptide binds to the receptor on the cell membrane and participates in the signal transduction process, thereby regulating plant growth, development, reproduction, and response to the external environment. However, different sources and molecular weights, as well as different types of peptides, are quite different. [1-3] In this study, by screening peptide products from different sources, and using different hydrolysis methods, different molecular weights of the same peptide, and gene research was performed through transcriptome sequencing, and the different performance and mechanism of different peptides on crops were analyzed. . The products developed on this basis have verified the accuracy and reliability of the research through field experiments and statistical analysis of data, and have pointed out the direction for the in-depth research of peptides and product development.

1. Ryan C A , Pearce G .Polypeptide hormones.Plant Physiol, 2001, 125 (1): 65~68

2. Pearce G, Moura D S, Stratmann J, et al. Production of multiple planthormones from a single polyprotein precursor[J]. Nature, 2001, 411 (6839): 817-820.

Franssen H J, Bisseling T. Peptide signaling in plants [J]. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 2001, 98 (23): 12855-12856.


Mark Ma
Market Manager

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The Research and Application of ZNC, A New Biostimulant Based on Plant Endophytes Metabolites
4pm BST / 5pm CEST / 11am EST

ZNC is a new generation of green ecological and healthy microbial source bio-stimulant product. ZNC has ultra high activity and excellent qualities, favored by the farmers. ZNC has perfect function on growth promotion on 1-5ppb concentration. The main functions of ZNC are: 1. promoting plant growth; 2. resisting diseases; 3. resisting stress; 4. promoting plant reproduction and development; 5. improving fertilizers effect and activating mineral elements in the soil. Thanks for the cooperations with more than 10 scientific research teams, the research, development and application of ZNC has made certain progress in the following aspects: 1. We have completed main components analysis, developed detection methods, and completed physical and chemical properties analysis of ZNC; 2. We have accomplished research on the efficacy of ZNC when mixed with various fertilizers and applied to different crops in various regions; 3. We have accomplished research on the mechanism of how ZNC improves fertilizers function; 4. We have developed enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for trace and accurate detection of ZNC in fertilizers and pesticides, which is simple and easy to apply.


Mr. Liu Haitao
Export Manager
Pengbo Biological Co., Ltd.

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DAY 3 – THURSDAY, November 5, 2020

Regulatory Developments in Europe for Biocontrol

Biocontrol Regulation in Europe
2pm BST / 3pm CEST / 9am EST

  • IBMA as an international association for biocontrol: what we do and why we do it?
  • Working group overview: what is being addressed during our working groups at IBMA?
  • Regulatory ABIM summary – what take away messages did we learn from ABIM in terms of regulation and policy development


Jennifer Lewis
Executive Director

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