Optimizing Product Launch Market Access strategy and Gross-to-Net Modeling
Date: Thursday, August 6, 2020
Time: 12:00PM ET

Join Precision Xtract and Akara Group for a discussion of best practices for pre-launch commercialization activities, particularly:

  • Learn about the latest advances in data, analytics, and technology that have been designed to improve the capture of market access and reimbursement events and tactics in your GTN forecasts

  • Understand how these latest advances can be used to improve decisions that impact GTN, such as:
  • New tool that is able to more accurately predict a pipeline drug’s access for a beneficiary population after P&amap;T review
  • New analytic methodology that is able to predict the impact of different payer formulary access positions down to an individual HCP level
  • Projecting launch liabilities for Commercial and Government channels, including Copay Assistance Programs and Medicare Part D Coverage Gap
  • Tracking Medicare Part B ASP reimbursement and cost recovery for medical-benefit products


      Brett DiNatale, PhD
      Head of Data & Analytics

      Partha Chatterjee
      Co-Founder and Partner
      Akara Group LLC

      Romit Kamdar
      Co-Founder and Partner
      Akara Group LLC