DAY 1 – TUESDAY, May 19, 2020

The Case for a Global Compliance Ecosystem
12:00pm EDT

Compliance platforms are changing as end-to-end global technologies now enable communication across enterprises and seamless data flows across departments and regions. In this session, Benjamin Carmel, Customer Strategy Leader, IQVIA Commercial Compliance, will discuss the benefits that arise from the implementation of a global compliance ecosystem.

From real-time access to live monitoring, auditing and reporting, to embedded Fair Market Value for HCPs and logistics, and cross-border management, discover the business benefits that arise from a truly global compliance ecosystem.


Benjamin Carmel
Customer Strategy Leader

Frederik Kibsgaard
Project Manager
Novo Nordisk

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Digital Transformation to Approve and Monitor Global Spend for Corruption and Kickbacks—Practical Case Studies from Pharma and Med Devices
1:00pm EDT

In this session, Joseph Olem, Director, Compliance and ABAC Program Lead at Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Kate Kiesel, Global Health Care Compliance Officer at Lifescan, and Parth Chanda, CEO of Lextegrity will provide concrete case studies on how powerful technology can be implemented out-of-the-box to approve spend as well as continuously monitor it to minimize the risk of improper payments. Key lessons include:

  • How AI and data analytics can provide your company with a virtual forensic accounting team to monitor continuously and remotely all of your expenses, invoices and transparency spend data for corruption and kickback risk
  • How automation can enable you to pre-approve HCP engagements, external funding, and the hiring of third parties in ways that are faster and more user-friendly for the business and at lower cost for compliance teams
  • How automation and AI can enable you to manage complex rules and aggregate spend tests to enable escalation to compliance when risks are heightened, so that your program can be more risk-based, efficient and effective.


Parth Chanda

Joseph Olem
Director, Compliance and ABAC Program Lead
Alexion Pharmaceuticals

Kate Kiesel
Global Health Care Compliance Officer

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Congress Expanded Open Payments Reporting Rules for 2021. Are you Ready?
2:00pm EDT

The recipient types are increasing nearly two-fold, and several reporting rules are changing, which will have broad implications. Vector Health’s team of legal and industry specialists will decode the expanded rules for Open Payments in 2021 and discuss what strategic and operational changes manufacturers need. Congress enacted the new rules in 2018 giving manufacturers reasonable length of time to prepare. Are your compliance teams, your business systems and your field sales team ready to support these changes?

  • Share your experiences in making these changes
  • Hear what our legal and industry professionals recommend
  • Cross check your actions and plans against their list of recommendations and emerging best practices


Heidi Kocher, Esq.
Liles Parker PLLC

Melissa Blaco, CPA
Senior Director
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

Marc Ussini
Client Services, Managing Partner
Vector Health

Jason Rosa
Transparency Reporting and Regulations expert and Industry Veteran
Vector Health

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DAY 2 – WEDNESDAY, MAY 20, 2020

Remote Compliance Monitoring
12:00pm EDT

Physical distancing and quarantine's impact on commercial models and other forms of HCP engagement, how this impacts the risk landscape for pharmaceutical companies, and how compliance departments might adjust to manage the disruption.


Kip Ebel
Principal, Life Sciences, Assurance

Alessandra Hawthorne
Global Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer
Boehringer Ingelheim

Susan Garfield
Partner – Commercial Lead, Health Science and Wellness

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Approved Notes—New Technology to Support Free Text Monitoring in the Field
1:00pm EDT

This webinar will cover:

  • The free text debate
  • How technology can help companies achieve their compliance and business objectives
  • Overview of Veeva Approved Notes
  • Case studies from early adopter


Rob Steere
Vice President, Commercial Strategy

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DAY 3 – THURSDAY, MAY 21, 2020

The Evolution of Compliant HCP Engagements and Transparency: Your Guide to the Past, Present, and Future
12:00pm EDT

Life sciences companies have been faced with an ever evolving set of reporting and compliance requirements that have resulted in the complex landscape we know today. With over 50 countries requiring or considering transparency reporting obligations, an active enforcement environment for a multitude of laws and regulations, and a business environment that is rapidly increasing in complexity, maintaining compliance is harder then ever. How exactly did we get here and where do we think we are heading? Join our session as we share our perspective on the evolution of Global, US federal, state, and local requirements with respect to increasing disclosure mandates and the necessity to have a truly Global HCP Engagement system to be able to comply with Anti – kickback FCPA and anti-corruption compliance along with practical strategies for optimizing your compliance operations.


John Oroho
Executive Vice President, Chief Strategy Officer
Porzio Life Sciences, LLC

Michael O’Connor
Vice President, Compliance Technology
Porzio Life Sciences, LLC

Brian Sharkey
Vice President and Privacy Officer
Porzio Life Sciences, LLC

Chrissy Bradshaw
Vice President, Chief Strategy Officer
Porzio Life Sciences, LLC

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