During this digital week, we will explore the topics of sustainable agriculture and high tech ag. Day one looks at sustainable agriculture, with industry case studies and open discussion on this subject. Day two explores high tech ag- covering precision agriculture and digital farming.

DAY 1 – Monday, June 14, 2021

Let’s make the green switch!
7am EDT / 12pm BST/ 1pm CET 

Van Iperen has a long history in providing specialty crop nutrition to growers in the Netherlands and in many markets around the world. Right at this very moment, we’re at the dawn of a completely new era: we must remain able to feed our growing population while reducing our impact on nature, starting today. We are eager to change the rules of the game in plant nutrition, providing innovative solutions to growers to produce in a more sustainable way. Our two innovative projects GreenSwitch sustainable organic sourced nitrates and Plants for Plants a new generation of biostimulants are a perfect illustration of our commitment towards sustainable agriculture without compromising the performance of the cropping systems.


Erik van den Berg
Managing Director based in The Netherlands
Van Iperen

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Regenerative Agriculture: What does this really mean?
9am EDT / 2pm BST/ 3pm CET

Join this session to hear an interactive discussion that will feature insightful feedback from farmers themselves! Regenerative Agriculture – what does this really mean?


Michael J DeSa
Founder & Managing Director
AGD Consulting

Grant Breitkreutz
Stoney Creek Farms

Dawn Breitkreutz
Stoney Creek Farms

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DAY 2 – TUESDAY, JUNE 15, 2021 

Reliable Field Insights with High‑Cadence Monitoring from Planet Satellite Data: The Next Level of Precision Agriculture
8am EDT / 1pm BST/ 2pm CET

Satellite imagery has traditionally lacked the frequency to reliably monitor fields and crops. Planet is changing that with its stream of daily, 3–5-meter resolution imagery readily accessible via our platform. Join this live webinar and find out how you can discern the most current and complete insights from Planet imagery across every region and season. Understand dynamics in vegetation from pre-season to harvest and drive more efficient, profitable, and sustainable farming. Learn how insights from frequent satellite imagery are fueling precision agriculture practices at every stage of the crop cycle:

  • Management Zones to Support Planning, Seeding, and Early-Season Operations
  • Directed Scouting to Monitor Crop Health and Spot Stressors Throughout the Growing Season
  • Variable Rate Applications to Remediate Problems and Optimize Nutrients


Dr. Erik Zillmann
Pre-Sales Engineer

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High Tech AG: New Technologies for Sustainability
9am EDT / 2pm BST / 3pm CET  

During this presentation we will explore new technologies for sustainability with the subject of sustainability and the ‘farm to fork’ European strategy being a core focus.


Dimitris Drisis
Agribusiness Agriprenuer

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Day 1 - Monday, June 14, 2021

Day 2 - Tuesday, June 15, 2021