Webinar: Balancing Surface Disinfecting & Compatibility In Healthcare Today

Title: Balancing Surface Disinfecting & Compatibility In Healthcare Today
Date: May 21, 2019
Time: 2:00pm EST

You are invited to the following Infection Control Today webinar.

Public health and healthcare organizations highlight the importance of disinfecting non-critical and environmental surfaces in the fight against healthcare-associated infection (HAIs). As a result, healthcare facilities are cleaning & disinfecting more frequently (and with more powerful disinfectants) than ever before. Increased cleaning and disinfecting has led to surface compatibility concerns, and this webinar will explain the imperatives for infection preventionists, environmental services professionals, and other healthcare stakeholders.


Lori Strazdas, MPH

Lori received both her bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and master’s degree in public health epidemiology from the University of Arizona. Before coming to Clorox, she worked as a communicable disease investigator and epidemiologist at the Pima County Health Department in Tucson, Ariz. In her current role as public health liaison with the Professional Products Division, Clinical & Scientific Affairs for The Clorox Company, Lori is responsible for understanding and communicating the technical attributes and public health benefits of cleaning and disinfecting products that are targeted for use in healthcare, restaurants, and schools. She is also responsible for identifying new evidenced-based opportunities where Clorox can help improve health outcomes through the use of innovative products, clear and easy to follow processes, and the enabling cleaning competency of frontline staff.

Doe Kley, RN, CIC, MPH

Doe first earned a bachelor’s degree in microbiology before pursuing her nursing degree. She has nearly 20 years of acute-care infection prevention experience working in large healthcare systems such as Intermountain Healthcare in Utah and Kaiser Permanente in California. Doe joined The Clorox Company as a member of Clorox Healthcare’s R&D team in September 2018. In her current role as senior infection preventionist with Professional Products Division, Clinical & Scientific Affairs, she provides consultative services using her clinical expertise, input and review of key materials to not only support marketing and sales, but also the development of practice tools. Doe also engages with and provides thought leadership to external industry partners.

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